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About STAR


STAR uses social robots to teach social and communication skills to children with autism. It aims to teach children with autism social skills (including but not limited to joint attention, mental interpretation and eye contact) and appropriate behaviors in various situations through evidence-based robot-based intervention, namely Robot for Autism Behavioral Intervention (RABI). The team has been serving more than 1100 individuals with autism using RABI, which has significantly reduced their autism severity and improved their cognitive functioning. Positive testimonials were received from various stakeholders.

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So Wing Chee, Luk Sau Ha, Founders of STAR

"To empower individuals with autism through science and technology"

We are looking for:

We are looking for:



To program social robots and develop and maintain websites.  Applicants should have

  • A Bachelor’s or higher degree in computer science, information technology, engineering, or related disciplines

  • Mastered C++, Java Script, and/or Python.



To provide training to individuals with autism using applied behavioral analysis (ABA).  Applicants should have

  • A Bachelor degree in Psychology, Education, or related fields

  • Received ABA training with certificates

Send your CV to:

Interview will be offered to shortlisted candidates. Interested applicants can go to our website (