Hong Kong Startups Career Day (Summer 1.0) ended on a high note on 3 May, 2019. A load of thanks to our guest speakers from different recognized startups in Hong Kong and our participants.


Didn’t make it to this event? Here’s some of what you missed:


Career talk session was divided mainly into 2 sessions. First part was keynotes speech given by our three successful entrepreneurs, second is startup pitch given by our co-organizers: Oursky, Qooapp and UDomain.

1:1 Matchmaking: A number of students and motivated individuals had visited our job booths held by HKT, Oursky, Qooapp and UDomain. We provided a platform for them to apply for positions in fields of Engineering, Project Management and Communications.

Click the below link to read more news about the event reported by HK01 and Hong Kong Economic Times

【初創招聘】追求發揮機會、滿足感 大學畢業生:月薪15k照做 - 香港01 (published on 3rd May, 2019)

【事業規劃】同一行業做足30年?曾錦強:規劃事業要留意3大要點 - 香港01 (published on 7th May, 2019)

創業風起 過來人:畢業生可加入求突破 - Hong Kong Economic Times (published on 6th May, 2019)

初企:與員工定期放假 平衡工作生活 - Hong Kong Economic Times (published on 6th May, 2019)


Check out some event highlight photos in below !