About LaSense

The name of LaSense stands for Laser Sense. By using advanced laser spectroscopic technology combined with AI, LaSense develop original ultra-sensitive gas sensors and control systems for urgent real-time analysis needs of multiple gas species. We are a pioneer in building revolutionary industrial sensor systems, which fills the gap in online gas sensing in a wide variety of applications, including the petrochemical industry, power plants, medical and customized research instruments.


LaSense is a young, enthusiastic and promising entrepreneurial team. We offer you a competitive remuneration package and a dynamic environment with opportunities to grow beyond limits.

Xu Ke, Founder of LaSense

"Sensing the World Precisely."

We are looking for:

We are looking for:


Software Engineer

Establish software model for product design, simulation and verification.

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in computer/electronic information and related background preferred

  • Familiar with DSP and the library file development

  • Familiar with C/C++ programming language and MATLAB development tools


Project Coordinator

Manage funding projects.

  • Assist in funding application

  • Responsible in formulating and implementing projects’ operating plan

  • Responsible for budgeting and managing the operation within budget


Mechanical Design Engineer/

Mechanical Engineer Intern

(2 vacancies) 

Responsible for overall mechanical system structural design.

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in mechanical design/ manufacturing and related automation background

  • Proficient in SolidWorks/AutoCAD

  • Prior experience in system structure design is preferred


Electronics Engineer/ Electronics Engineer Intern

(2 vacancies) 

Undertake electronic hardware development tasks, such as principle analysis, scheme design, device selection and PCB design.

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in electrical/electronics/ automation background

  • Familiar with the design of peripheral interface circuits such as DSP and FPGA

  • Familiar with signal integrity, EMC, circuit design EDA software such as Altium Designer

Send your CV to: info@lasensetech.com 

please send your CV (1 page) in pdf format and kindly name your file as: 21CUHK_full name

Visit us at: https://youtu.be/ySE6L62jk18