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About Freehunter

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Freehunter is a social networking site for creative talents where they can build networks, get exposure and get job opportunities.

We currently have 10,000+ users onboarded from Hong Kong and Taiwan, who are in 10 different industries, such as photography, design, magic, singing etc.


Harris Cheng, Founder of Freehunter

"We are not building an online network, we’re making people do what they truly love."

We are looking for:


  • Backend Development Intern 

  • Frontend Development Intern 

  • App Development Intern 

  • Backend Developer ​​(Full-time) 

Develop, optimize, and reinnovate Freehunter’s product to cultivate a more active user community.

  • Have relevant knowledge in respective frameworks.

    • E.g Express.js, React, Redux, MySQL, MongoDB

  • Can contribute 15+ hours / week

  • Passionate in coding and Freehunter’s idea


Project manager

Planning, redesigning and reposition product.

  • Possess relevant experience in project management.

  • Have excellent communication skills to innovate inter-team communication

  • Passionate in understanding user needs and experience


Growth hacker

Using various strategies, such as sales and marketing
channels, to increase user registration and retention.

  • Smart, self-driven and disciplined

  • Have multiple leadership experiences

  • Possess experience and skills in marketing/sales/user growth

Send your CV to: