About Filture

Filture is the Expedia for bespoke furniture. We are a platform for ordering and managing the process of custom furniture/built-ins. We help to make pricing more transparent and reduce the need for retail services for custom furniture.

Nick Gu, Founder of Filture

"We believe that well designed affordable furniture/ built-ins is the way to provide more human and enjoyable living space in dense cities like Hong Kong."

We believe that our company being a platform company, can help to minimize market inefficiencies and increase transparency in our industry.
We also think that service base marketplace or platform would be one of the futures of tech company development.

We are looking for:


Design and Designer Management Executive
(Coding Skills Not Required)

To Manage the design quality of our projects, help to recruit designers and manage designers

  • Passionate about Design

  • Design or Architecture Background prefered

  • Strong Communication Skills


Supplier and Workers Management Executive
(Coding Skills Not Required)

Help to recruit suppliers and workers, manage workers and suppliers, and help to develop our supplier and worker standard

  • Business or Management Background

  • Passionate about management and supplychain management

  • Strong Communication Skill


Front End Developer and Product Management Executive
(Coding Skills Required)

Help develop our front end pages and manage product development priorities and requirements.

  • Java Script

  • React

  • CSS

Send your CV to: hello@filture.com