Hong Kong Startups Career Day ended on a high note on 8 Nov, 2019. A load of thanks to our guest speakers from different recognized startups in Hong Kong and our participants.


Didn’t make it to this event? Here’s some of what you missed:


Career talk session was divided mainly into 2 sessions. First part was keynotes speech given by our three successful entrepreneurs, second is startup pitch given by our co-organizers.

1:1 Matchmaking: A number of students and motivated individuals had visited our job booths held by 16 startups. We provided a platform for them to apply for positions in different fields.

Click the below link to read more news about the event reported by HK01Hong Kong Economic Times and PressLogic

【事業規劃】盲信金句隨時得不償失 9GAG創辦人:很多忠告是錯的-香港01

【職涯規劃】事業得於安穩、冒險取捨? 70後:還有一處叫學習區香港01

【創業兵團】港產外語學習平台 招納開發技術者-Hong Kong Economic Times

德裔男居港10年 創業演藝雙軌發展-Hong Kong Economic Times

【生意經】港產初創將笑聲帶俾全球,9GAG創辦人:最緊要生存到! - Presslogic (Facebook video)

【生意經】港產初創將笑聲帶俾全球,9GAG創辦人:最緊要生存到! - Presslogic (Website)


Check out some event highlight photos in below !