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Based on its strong R&D capability in plasmons, Advanced Plasmon Technologies (APT) aims to develop spectroscopic, optical and analytic technologies. Its major customers will be testing, certification, and R&D labs. We are currently focusing on the development of noble metal nanoparticle-based substrates for dramatically amplifying Raman signals. A model chemical, malachite green, often added in seafood products for antibacterial purposes, is used to test our substrates. The detection limit, durability and repeatability are being evaluated. We will extend our substrates in the near future for the detection of additives in food, drinks, drugs, explosives and environmental pollutants.

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Jianfang Wang, Founder of APT

"Develop advanced technologies for better lives."

We are looking for:

We are looking for:



Synthesize and characterize noble metal nanocrystal products and assist in general business activities.

  • Independent, responsible and flexible with good communication skills

  • Good command of English and Chinese, both written and spoken

  • Bachelor degree or above in chemistry or related science disciplines preferred

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